Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko

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Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko
Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko title card
Genre Drama
Created by ABS-CBN
Starring Matt Evans
Melissa Ricks
(see cast)
Country of origin Flag of the Philippines Philippines
No. of episodes 28 (as of March 17, 2007)
Running time 1 hour
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original run September 9, 2006
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Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko is the third and fourth season of the Filipino fantasy TV series Komiks. The third season began airing in the Philippines on September 9, 2006 and currently airs on Saturday evenings on the ABS-CBN network in the Philippines.

Unlike the stories in the first two seasons of Komiks, which were mostly presented in a single episode or at most in two episodes, Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko spanned the entire third season of the series.

The title role is performed by Matt Evans, who prior to this role was best known as one of the teens in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition.



Earlier Incarnations of Pedro Penduko

The character of Pedro Penduko was created by Francisco V. Coching in 1954, through stories published in the now defunct Liwayway Magazine.

Movie adaptations of komiks novels were the trend in the local movie scene that time, thus giving birth to the first Pedro Penduko movie directed by National Artist for Film Gerardo de Leon under People's Picture. Efren Reyes Sr. was the first actor to ever play such a legendary character. He was paired with Edna Luna in the movie and was supported by stellar cast like Ramon D'Salva, Leila Morena and Ruben Rustia.

In 1973, Celso Ad Castillo made Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Pedro Penduko (translates as The Magical World of Pedro Penduko) with a formidable cast that included Ramon Zamora as the new Pedro Penduko with Jeanne Young, Lotis Key, Panchito Alba, Paquito Diaz and Eddie Garcia.

About two decades after, in 1994, J. Erastheo Navoa presented Ang Pagbabalik ni Pedro Penduko (translates as The Return of Pedro Penduko), a movie under Viva Films. The new version showcased young stars Janno Gibbs, Vina Morales, Donita Rose, and comedian Arnel Ignacio. Janno Gibbs is Pedro Penduko in the movie, the most recent and the most popular perhaps. In this particular Pedro Penduko movie, legendary Pinoy superheroes Panday (played by Fernando Poe Jr.) and Darna (played by Anjanette Abayari) made a cameo appearance. The movie was a huge box office success that in 2000, Janno Gibbs reprised his big screen role as Pedro in a sequel entitled Pedro Penduko Episode II: Return of the Comeback, this time, with Erik Matti as the director.

The Komiks TV Series Version

The main cast of the series.

In Komiks: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko, the ABS-CBN network re-introduces the well-loved stories of Pedro, with Matt Evans of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition fame in the title role. Also in the stellar cast are Albert Martinez, Agot Isidro, Melissa Ricks, Bembol Roco, TJ Trinidad, comedienne Kitkat, Deejay Durano, Olyn Membian and Ms. Gloria Romero. The small screen story stays true to the original, but is given a new and more sophisticated look.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The Missing Father

Pedro remains a simple boy thrust into the world of superstition and mythical creatures. The oft-taunted klutz of his class embarks on a special voyage accompanied by his special ‘helpers’, and finds his self-confidence increasing as he passes each challenge in his quest to save his father. In order to do this, he has to have the power of the "mutya ng saging" and has now entered Floreshka to save his father. But as Pedro Penduko sets off on his mission, his introduction to the monsters begins when he faces off with Philippine mythology’s scariest creatures.

Fight for Love

The conflict in the extended series arises when Hiyas, who is in love and has a secret relationship with the mortal Pedro, finds out that her father, Haring Haddi of Floreshka, entered into a peace treaty which states that there will only be peace and unity between the Floreshklans and Dalaketnons if Hiyas marries Napoleon. Hiyas refuses to push through with the treaty as she is very much in love with Pedro. She also hates Napoleon because of his attitude, although the latter promises to change for the better if only Hiyas would fall in love with him.

Pedro's Underwater Adventure

Pedro's newest adventure begins as Bukang Liwayway gets catapulted underwater by a large wave, at the most inopportune moment when Pedro finds out that she is his mother. That marks a new journey for our lovable hero, as he is determined to rescue Bukang Liwayway in the underwater world of Kalalawdan. As Pedro and his father Juan search for answers, they encounter some interesting twists along the way. It turns out that their dear friend Kadyo, whom they perceived to be dead, is actually alive, and is living with his family in Kalalawdan. Also, Pedro discovers the person behind all his trials, as wedding bells herald the future of Hiyas and Napoleon back in the Kingdom of Floreshka. When Pedro and Juan arrived at the undewater kingdom of Kalalawdan, they face the different kind of underwater engkantos, which was led by Haring Bacul, king of Kalalwadan, and Budlis, a Kataw soldier. Princess Kafra, though she knew that Pedro was an enemy, still fell in love with him. She wanted Pedro to be a Kataw like one of them, but Pedro insisted. Kafra could not do anything but let her heart be broken. She and her family then helped the Penduko family escape from Pantas and King Bacul. When Pedro was leaving, Kafra kissed him, and Hiyas saw it through his father's mirror. What Hiyas saw made her agree to marry Napoleon.

Pedro in the City

Just right after coming back from Kalalawdan, Pantas takes revenge on the Penduko family. Pantas stabs Juan, who later died, while Pedro made him swallow the last stone of his mutya, making him explode to death. What will happen to Pedro and Hiyas's love for each other now?

Cast and Characters

Main Characters

Introducing Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks.
  • Matt Evans as Pedro Penduko - 17 year old Pedro is an orphan and is raised by his Lola Maria. He is famous with kids in his town for he is able weave magical tales about distant lands and creatures. But he is also famous with the town bullies for they see him as a weak and easy target. But all that will change when he gets news that his father is still alive and he has to rescue him from the hands of the Dalaketnons.
  • Melissa Ricks as Reyna Hiyas - Hiyas is a Princess of Floreshka who pretended to be a fairy so she could join Pedro in his adventures. She is beautiful, reserved, and royal in her actions. She is Pedro’s one true love. In the middle of the story, her father, Haring Haddi, entered into a peace treaty with the Dalaketnons. Her and Napoleon's arranged marriage is a result of that treaty.
  • Jake Cuenca as Napoleon / Jaime Gatchalian - A Dalaketnon and brother of Kasimiro. He was supposed to marry Hiyas through an arranged marriage.
  • Ms. Gloria Romero as Lola Maria - Maria is Pedro’s beloved grandmother. She raised Pedro when he lost his parents and has been always very protective of him.
  • Albert Martinez as Juan Penduko - Juan is Pedro’s father. He was the town’s very famous albularyo (healer) who suddenly disappeared and was presumed dead. It is later learned that Juan was trapped in the world of the Dalaketnons with Haring Haddi. But Juan is killed by Pantas, though his son Pedro saves him before Juan dies.
  • Agot Isidro as Bukang Liwayway - Bukang Liwayway is Pedro’s mother. She is an enkantada (magical being) and she opted to stay in the kingdom of Floreshka instead of caring for her son. She was also the former queen of Floreshka.
  • Olyn Membian as Racquel - Racquel and Pedro grew up together, she being the daughter of another famed albularyo. She is Pedro’s bestfriend but Racquel is secretly in love with him.
  • KitKat as Maalindog - She is one of the fairies who will be assisting Pedro in his adventures. Maalindog’s quite flirty and frank, and she’s not shy to say that she likes Pedro very, very much.
  • Niña Jose as Marikit - A Lambana and Hiyas' best friend. She doesn't believe in Pedro's abilities and goes on the quest to keep an eye on him. She also became a Queen of Floreshka when she switched places with Hiyas, so that Hiyas can go and keep an eye on Pedro.
  • Deejay Durano as Haring Haddi - He is the fair and clever king of Floreshka. He is the father of Hiyas. He was also trapped in the world of the Dalaketnons with Juan Penduko.
  • Bembol Roco as Ninong Kadyo - As Juan’s best friend, Kadyo took it upon himself to look after Lola Maria and Pedro. The young man treats his Ninong Kadyo almost like a real father when Kadyo was living in Pedro's house. Kadyo later disappears and Pedro and Juan are shocked to learn of Kadyo's death. However, they found Kadyo alive and well on one of their adventures. He fell in love with Casili, who becomes Kadyo's wife. Kadyo and Casili have a daughter, Prinsesa Kafra.
  • TJ Trinidad as Pantas - He is the right hand man of Haring Haddi and Merlin, the wise man of Floreshka. Pantas becomes Pedro's enemy because of his betrayal of Bukang Liwayway by kidnapping her and killing Pedro's father, Juan.

Supporting characters by Episode

See: List of supporting characters in Pedro Penduko (TV series)

Fictional places in the series

  • Tulay-Buhangin - Where the Penduko's live.
  • Floreshka - The home of the good engkantos.
  • Barrio Talisay - A small village in the jungle, where Pedro meets the kapre who was destroying the village.
  • San Mateo - where Pedro rests overnight, and where he meets the manananggal.
  • La Corazon Inn - An inn where Pedro stayed to rest. It is found in San Mateo.
  • San Nicolas - where Pedro finds Susan, who possesses the knowledge he needs in order to find his father.
  • San Gabriel - where Pedro can find Consehal Lino, the only person who knows the way to Dalaket.
  • Dalaket - The place of the bad engkantos.
  • San Jose - The place where Pedro could find the Pugot.
  • San Luis - The place where Pedro met Budong and where he was supposed to find Ninong Kadyo.
  • Kulalapnit - The place where Pedro battled an Alan.
  • San Saturnino - Where Pedro awaits for Ka Edgar and where he also faced the Wak-Wak.
  • Kampisaw - An island that only shows up evey full moon and will vanish after 24 hours. It will come back again on the next full moon. This is where the Pedro and Juan need to go because this island will take them to the kingdom of Kalalawdan.
  • Kalalawdan - It is kingdom of engkantos under the sea. It is where the Kataws, Siyokoy, Sireno and Sirena live. It is found in the very deep part in the middle of the sea.

The Mutya

The Mutya is the medallion that was given to Pedro to provide him special powers which he can use to on his way to search for his father and to find the cure for Pedro's grandmother. It has seven stones and each represents the seven colors of the rainbow. Pedro can only use each stone once so he needs to use them very wisely. The Mutya also gives out oil which notifies Pedro that an enemy in disguise is approaching him or walking near him.

  • Blue Stone - lets Pedro jump much higher than he normally could. Pedro used this against the kapre together with the Orange Stone. Pedro also used this against the Tiktik.
  • Orange Stone - gives Pedro invulnerability. Pedro used this against the kapre, together with the Blue Stone. Pedro used this to beat the Santelmo.
  • Red Stone - gives Pedro extraordinary strength. Pedro used this against the manananggal. Pedro also used this against the tikbalang.
  • Violet Stone - lets Pedro run much faster than he normally can. Pedro used this against the aswang. Pedra also used this to defeat the tiyanak.
  • Green Stone - gives Pedro incredible speed. Pedro used this to gain more energy to beat the mambabarang. Pedro also used this against the Tiktik.
  • Indigo Stone - gives Pedro heightened senses which can help him detect his enemies. Pedro used this against the sigben which he could not see clearly. Pedro also used this to sense the Pugot.
  • Yellow Stone - gives Pedro a good singing voice. Pedro used this stone to make his dad believe that he really is his son. He sang the song of his mother and father. Pedro used this to trick the Tikbalang to give him the head of the Pugot.
  • White Stone - gives Pedro a power to kill any bad evil enemy by making them swallow the stone. He used this stone to kill Pantas.

Engkantos/Mythical And Supernatural Beings And Objects

See: List of mythical and supernatural beings and objects in Pedro Penduko (TV series)


  • This series introduces the Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks loveteam.
  • Pedro Penduko did not use any power of the Mutya in Episode 9 and Episodes 15-18, because all the power of the Mutya was already used and Pedro has already had experiences in fighting which he can use without the help of the Mutya.
  • Pedro also got some items from the mythical creatures he has beaten:
    • He got a tobacco from a Kapre. Pedro used the tobacco's ash against the Manananggal.
    • He got the claw from a Manananggal which he used against an Aswang.
    • He got the head of the Pugot from the Pugot himself. He used this to lure the Santelmo. The head of the Pugot was later given to the Tikbalang.
    • He got a magical box from the Tikbalang, which he used to catch the Santelmo.
    • He got the golden hair of the Tikbalang, which makes the Tikbalang his slave. He later gave it back to the Tikbalang.
  • When Pedro uses the yellow mutya, he is always singing the song of his mother and father.
  • Pedro also celebrated Christmas with some mythical creatures: the Pugot in San Jose, the Tikbalang, and the Nuno sa Punso.
  • Pedro Penduko made an appearance in the show "Super Inggo" as a teacher in Power Academy teaching about mythical creatures.
  • With the cameo appearance of Pedro Penduko in Super Inggo, Super Inggo or Budong also made a cameo appearance in Episode 15 and Episode 16 of "Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko".
  • The band Sponge Cola sang the Pedro Penduko theme, titled "Bitiw".
  • The episodes 2-8 are the episodes where Pedro was tasked to find his father. While episodes 10-14 are the episodes where Pedro was tasked to find the Santelmo, so that he could heal his grandmother. And episodes 16-22 are the episodes where Pedro must find Ninong Kadyo and Father Ben. These are also the episodes when Pedro is with Racquel during his adventure, with the absence of Maalindog.
  • Supposedly Pedro Penduko was supposed to last for 20 episodes, but because it had good ratings, the management decided to extend it to Komik's season 4.
  • Matt Evans and Ramon Zamora (Pedro Penduko circa 1973) made an appearance in the comedy show John En Shirley. Evans played Pedro Penduko while Zamora was his grandfather, Peter.
  • On the February Special of Komiks, Pedro will go on another adventure, but not in land, but under the sea.
  • On episodes 23-27 Pedro searched for his mother under the sea.

Production Credits

  • Directors: Trina N. Dayrit, Jerome Pobocan, Wenn Deramas, Dondon Santos, Erick Salud
  • Headwriter: Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan
  • Episode Writers: Aloy Adlawan, Galo Ador, Keiko Aquino, Agnes Gagilonia-Uligan, Joel Mercado
  • Production Manager: Julie Ann Benitez
  • Production Designer: Chris Ecker De Guzman, PDGP
  • Executive In-Charge of Production: Roldeo Endrinal
  • Executive Producers: Rocky Ubana and Kylie R. Manalo

Credit Issue

Before airing its pilot, Franciscio V. Coching's widow (Filomena Coching) raised a ruckus when ABS-CBN failed to credit her husband in the new TV incarnation of “Pedro Penduko.”

When ABS-CBN was conceptualizing the Penduko series, network representatives approached the Coching family, according to her. But she found out that, by virtue of their most recent contract with Viva, they no longer owned either the story or the title Pedro Penduko. So the network negotiated with Viva instead.

Ms. Coching hoped that the new show would revive interest in her husband's work, but she saw that the TV ads didn't even mention his name.

When she complained to Viva, she was assured that the network would put Coching's name in the credits once the show starts its run.


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