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Country Philippines
Years active 2005–Present
Actual Status
Labels SonyBMG (Philippines)
US distribution
Members Ruben Caballero
Jay Justiniani
Jhunjie Dosdos
Fritz Labrado
Mike Manaloto
Jovan Mabini
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Cueshé is an OPM pop/rock band that originally hails from Cebu in the Philippines.

The word Cueshé is a portmanteau of "Cue", meaning banana cue; a snack delicacy in the Philippines, which are skewered bananas coated with caramel, and the pronoun "shé" (pronounced shay), was named after their former vocalist, which is a female. In their earlier days as a show band in Cebu, the band would practice at the bedroom of their drummer Mike Manaloto - their first rehearsal studio. After their practice, they would eat their favorite snack, the banana cue.

A motorcycle accident that happened last December 24, 2001 occurred on the female vocalist. And with that in hand, Jay Justiniani replaced the former vocalist right after her recovery.

Ruben Caballero later joined the group. At first, he, together with Jay, was only on vocals. But later on, he shifted into greater heights, as he became a rhythm guitarist/vocalist. The pianist/keyboardist Jhunjie Dosdos then came into the band to showcase his talent he honed during his younger days.

It was March 2005, when they decided to push through the "rock mecca of the Philippines", the city of Manila.

And with that everything came into place. Hit singles ("Stay," "Sorry." "Ulan," "Can’t Let You Go" and "24 Hours."), a double platinum album ("Half Empty, Half Full"), accolades (Favorite Artist, Favorite Group and Favorite Song—for the song "Stay" at the 1st MYX Music Awards; SMART Texters’ Choice Hitmaker of the Year at the 2006 MTV Pilipinas Awards; Band of the Year at 2006 SOP PasiklaBand Awards; Best Breakthrough Artist at 2005 SOP Music Awards), sold-out gigs and concerts—all achieved in a span of one year.

Since their first single hit the airwaves, critics and detractors tagged them as another one hit wonder. Rock fundamentalists considered them a pariah, called them a “phony,” and a “sell-out.” Insults, below-the-belt comments, false allegations, flaks, they got it. Cueshé was clearly one of the most misunderstood bands.

Some alleged that one of their songs "Stay" were ripped from Simple Plan's, "Perfect" and Silverchair's "Greatest View" but were never proven because Silverchair never filed formal complaint. One can listen and hear the very similar tunes of the said songs and you do not need a rocket scientist to decide whether the songs sound the same or not. They are being matched up with their fellow OPM bands, such as Hale, Sponge Cola, and Bamboo, because of that said issue.

But as the old cliché goes “you can’t put a good man down.” Despite the continuous dissing, hitting and criticism, the band remained steadfast, unaffected and concentrated on their music. As they say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Indeed, they are proving their critics wrong.

The band also made a contribution to the critically acclaimed tribute album to the Eraserheads, "Ultraelecromagneticjam", in which they sung their own rendition of "Hard To Believe".

Less than a year later, the band released its sophomore album, "Back To Me." This new album is set to validate the band's status as pop idols as they release ten new tracks, all of which were written by the members themselves. Their first single was of the same title, and their second single was "Borrowed Time", which is currently played and heard over the airwaves as of now in the Philippines. Being big fans of The Beatles, they also did a re-make of the latter band's hit single, "Jealous Guy".

In the 2006 MYX Year End Countdown, Cueshe's single "Ulan" was able to peak at #3 after dominating the MYX Hit Chart at #1 from mid-January 2006 until the end of February 2006. This song, according to some Filipino listeners, is coined as too "pang-masa" (Filipino term for "for the masses"). That is why some of them (rock fundamentalists, music elitists, pretenders) hate the band because of that certain issue. Others describe them as being "posers" and "no talent hacks".

Called by some music critics as "The Next Big Thing" during their rise to stardom as a pop band.

The band recently recorded the theme song of the Philippine television series "Asian Treasures" entitled "Walang Yamang (Mas Hihigit Sa "Yo)," which is included in the repackaged version of their album "Back To Me."



  • Half Empty, Half Full (2005)
  • Back To Me (2006)
  • Back To Me (Repackaged;2007)


From Half Empty, Half Full

  • "Stay" #2 Philippines
  • "Sorry" #3 Philippines
  • "Ulan" #1 Philippines (4 weeks)
  • "Can't Let You Go" #6 Philippines
  • "24 Hours" #5 Philippines

From Back To Me

  • "Back To Me" #5 Philippines
  • "Borrowed Time" #10 Philippines

From Back To Me (repackaged)

  • "Walang Yamang (Mas Hihigit Sa "Yo)"

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