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Rizal Avenue - Recto Avenue intersection, Manila

The Claro M. Recto Avenue, formerly known as Azcarraga Street or Calle Azcarraga, is located in downtown Manila area that stretches from Binondo, Manila to the Mendiola Bridge in Brgy. San Miguel, Manila. It is bounded by the Jose Abad Santos Avenue in the west and the streets of Legarda and Mendiola in the east.

It is also the primary road that leads to the Mendiola Bridge where demonstrators gather to redress their grievances against the Philippine government.



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The C. M. Recto Avenue was named after a Philippine Senator and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court -- Claro Mayo Recto. It was originally called Azcarraga Street before it was renamed in 1961. Contrary to speculations that it was named after a Spaniard, the name Azcarraga came from the surname of two (2) brothers of Spanish parents, Marcelo and Manuel, who were born in the Philippine Islands during the Spanish period. Marcelo, who distinguished himself in Spain, became minister of war and twice as prime minister.

The Recto Thoroughfare

Recto Avenue, Manila

The C.M. Recto Avenue, popularly called Recto, is within the University Belt of Manila and crosses through Manila's five (5) most populous districts, making it one of the busiest areas in downtown Manila. It is known for its insanely busy thoroughfare, which is populated mostly by college students, and for the stretch of small shops and stalls that sell almost everything for a very low price.

The southern part of Recto is marked by heavy concentration of cinemas, department stores, magazine stands, and sidewalk vendors. After the Quezon Blvd.-Recto Avenue intersection is a long stretch of small shops that sells new, second hand, and even hard-to-find books for college students. Other stores retail everything from clothing, toys, sunglasses and watches to ROTC accessories, graduation rings, diplomas, thesis, and stamps. Stores that provide services include textile shops, pawnshops, restaurants, palmists and astrologers, martial arts, and dental clinics are also found along Recto Avenue.




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