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Chippy is a popular chichiria often bought by Filipinos in sari-sari stores, groceries, snack stalls and malls. It is a corn chip brand that is rectangular shaped, often curled in the middle. It has a certain salty flavor unique to the Chippy brand.

Chippy Barbecue Corn Chips
Chippy Chili & Cheese Corn Chips
Chippy Beef & Chili Corn Chips
Chippy Garlic & Vinegar Corn Chips


History and Profile

Chippy was first launched during the late 1960s along with Chiz Curls as the initial products of the snack foods category under the Jack 'n Jill megabrand of the Universal Robina Corporation[1] (URC).

It is under the category 'savory snacks' according to the URC website. It is one of the famous snack foods along with Piattos, Taquitos, Mr. Chips, Tostillas, Roller Coaster, Spuds, Potato Chips, V-Cut, Chiz Curls, and Sea Crunch, among many others that particularly suit the Filipino snacking culture.


Chippy comes in four different flavors, each attempting to satisfy the Filipino's taste. These flavors are Barbecue, Chili & Cheese, Beef & Chili, and Garlic & Vinegar.


Author: Bani Balaguer



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