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The popularity of Western sports and technological gadgets have somehow relegated traditional Filipino games into relative obscurity. Another contributing factor to the irrelevance of these games is the decrease of neighborhood spaces where they are usually played, to give way to the construction of roads, buildings, and other structures to maximize land space. Nowadays, children are clueless whenever they hear the word tumbang preso, luksong-tinik, and other similar games. A sad reality, considering that such traditional Filipino games are part of the culture and heritage of the Filipino people.

Dickie Aguado, Executive Director of Magna Kultura Foundation (a Philippine NGO for arts and culture) cites that it is not true that the Filipino Street Games are no longer played by children. Some say that it has vanished in Philippine society. In many urban and rural areas, a great majority of Filipino children still find time to play outdoor street games with their neighborhood friends, as most of them are still unable to own computers and expensive high-tech gadgets. Games like Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Sipa, Turumpo, and many others, are very much alive and played daily in the neighborhood. Magna Kultura Foundation, an NGO that advocates of Filipino Traditional games, cites that a primary reason why children would stop playing the Pinoy games is because Western sports activities (i.e., basketball or volleyball) are prominently organized in local Barangays and in schools. With lack of organized sports activities for Filipino street games, children would just move on leaving the games of their childhood in the streets.

This category presents various Filipino traditional games and hope that such games will not be completely forgotten by Filipinos. The games are fun to play. It makes every bit of you a Filipino.

Hereunder are the list of the Games of our Heritage.