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Carlos Bulosan - A Proletarian Filipino

Carlos Bulosan was a famous English and Ilocano writer who is best known for his semi autobiographical book entitled America is in the Heart.


Early Life

Carlos Bulosan was born in the village of Mangusmana Barangay Sto. Niño located in Binalonan, Pangasinan, Philippines on November 24 1913. His father and mother were both farmers and struggled daily to make both ends meet. Determined to help his family, he went to the United States to find work.

Life in America

Carlos Bulosan arrived at Seattle on July 22, 1930. With no money and barely able to speak in English, he did various low-paying jobs like servicing hotels, working in plantations, and being employed at Alaskan canneries. Aside from the notorious conditions of the workplace and being underpaid, Carlos and his fellow Filipino laborers were also subjected to racial discrimination and brutalities. They experienced being attacked, taken advantage of, and deceived by Americans.

Literary Contributions

Due to hardships suffered by Carlos and his fellow Filipino laborers, he decided to write a semi autobiographical book entitled America is in the Heart that recounts his early life and his labor experiences as a Filipino in a racially divided American society. Bulosan was also active in the Filipino labor movement in America where he advocated labor rights, good working conditions, abolition of discrimination in the workplace, and sufficient wages.


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