Calla Lily (TV Series)

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Calla Lily
Calla(left) & Lily(right)
Genre Drama
Created by ABS-CBN
Starring Sharlene San Pedro
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 80 episodes
Running time 25-30 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original run May 29, 2006September 15, 2006
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"Calla Lily" Summary

Sharlene San Pedro (from 'Mga Anghel na Walang Langit' and 'Goin’ Bulilit') starred in this ABS-CBN teleserye, which premiered on May 29, 2006. She reunited once again with her highly successful Angel na Walang Langit family composed of directors Maryo J. delos Reyes, Lino Cayetano, writers Agnes Gagilonia-Uligan, Aloy Adlawan and Michiko Yamamoto, as well as versatile actor Johnny Delgado.

In Calla Lily, Sharlene played dual roles, twin sisters Calla and Lily who grow up in a small fishing village in Batangas. Calla and Lily are polar opposites: Calla is outspoken and naughty while Lily is very timid and shy. Both are doted upon by their father, Dodie (Gerald Madrid), who takes care of them while their mother, Sari (Ana Roces), works in Taiwan as an overseas Filipino worker, or an OFW. However, Sari meets Ramil (Yul Servo) a Filipino businessman abroad and has an affair with him. With her conscience eating her up, she returns home to her family, but her secret becomes exposed when Ramil follows her and tries to win her back. To complicate matters, Sari’s father Edong (Johnny Delgado) and mother Liza (Evangeline Pascual) prefer Ramil over her husband. Soon Dodie and Sari end up fighting and even their kids take sides. One terrible night, a drunken Dodie takes Edong’s boat to sea with Lily following him. The same time a storm hits the village. This period is when the story of Calla Lily unfolded.

Aside from Ana Roces, Gerald Madrid, Evangeline Pascual, Yul Servo and Johnny Delgado, strong performances came from Baron Geisler, Rodjun Cruz, Erich Gonzales, Luz Valdez, Lou Veloso, Lauren Novero, Myla Boyd, Scarlet, Angel Sy, Pewee O’Hara, Hazel Espinosa, and Raquel Montessa. Soliman Cruz, Cloyd Robinson, Niña Manalo, Paolo Ramirez, and Jam Melendez completed the powerhouse cast of Calla Lily.

Characters and Cast

Major Characters

Calla and Lily(Sharlene San Pedro) Calla and Lily are twin daughters of a humble carpenter and an OFW in Taiwan. Calla is the mischievous twin while Lily is the more precautious one. They promise to be there for each other no matter what happens.

Sari (Ana Roces) Sari worked as an employee in a shoe factory in Taiwan to be able to support her family in the Philippines. After an 'incident' between her and her boss Ramil, Sari decided to come home to avoid him. But Ramil would not let her go that easily.

Dodie (Gerald Madrid) With his wife working abroad, Dodie is left to take care of his kids and help in Sari's family's business. His overbearing father-in-law makes life hard for him because Edong didn't want his daughter to get hitched to someone from their small barrio. Dodie fought for their love but will he be able to accept Sari's infidelity?

Ramil (Yul Servo) Ramil's obsession with Sari made him follow her back to her home town. The businessman will stop at nothing to get Sari's love. Even if it means breaking up her marriage with Dodie.

Mang Edong (Johnny Delgado) Mang Edong is the hot-tempered father of Sari who earns a living with his small fleet of fishing boats. He would have preferred a son-in-law who's influential and well-off -- someone like Ramil.

Aling Lisa (Evangeline Pascual) Aling Lisa is very protective of her children and grandchildren. She also serves as Edong's pacifier but often she also gets caught up in his squabbles with the neighbors.

Jerry (Baron Geisler) Jerry is the troublemaker in Sari's family. He often gets into reckless arguments and shady deals. His father is just about ready to disown him. Will he be able to redeem himself in his family's eyes?

Jigo (Rodjun Cruz) Jigo is the youngest in Aling Lisa's brood. Jerry refers to him as the 'favored' child for their mother showers him lots of attention. Not only that, their father also believes he is the hope of the family for Sari and Jerry have both disappointed him. He falls in love with his best friend, Diday.

Diday (Erich Gonzales) Although she's the valedictorian of their class, Diday strives hard to be able to continue her college education. Her family's financial situation has her looking for part-time work around town. She was surprised to find Jigo, her best friend treating her more than just his pal.

Bing-bing (Angel Sy) Bing-Bing is called Calla and Lily's 'triplet' because she is their favorite playmate. Whatever the twins do, she does too.

Lola Mameng (Luz Valdez) Aling Mameng is Aling Lisa's neighbor and confidant. She is also Bing-Bing and Elmer's guardian.

Elmer (Paolo Ramirez) Elmer is one of the basketball players in the high school. He also has a crush on Diday.

Terrence (Nash Aguas) A very sickly kid, Terrence was left at San Isidro by his wealthy parents to improve his health condition. The boy genius becomes a close friend of Bing-Bing and Calla.

Minor Characters

Ising (Raquel Montessa) Aling Ising hates Edong and his family's guts. Her goal in life is to become rich and flaunt it in front of their neighbors.

Detdet (Joy Louise Fulloso) Det-Det is Aling Ising's granddaughter. And because of her Lola's attitude towards their neighbors, she also does not like playing with Calla and Lily.

Pilo (Soliman Cruz) Mang Pilo is Aling Ising's husband and Edong's competitor in the fishing business. Edong suspects him as the one responsible in sabotaging his fishing boats.

Apo Abdon (Ronnie Lazaro) The famed albularyo of the barrio, Apo Abdon heals his patients by sipping the aching part of the body. A vicious rumor ruins his reputation and now all he wants is revenge.

Father Theo(Lou Veloso) Father Theo is the conscience of the townspeople. The parish priest often gives out advice to the most troubled citizens of San Isidro. He too most of the time catches Calla doing pranks.

Miriam (Janna Trias) Miriam is Sari's best friend in their town. She also worked in Taiwan and she swore to keep Sari and Ramil's affair a secret.

Ursula(Scarlet Geulen) Spreading rumors is what Ursula does best. But her instincts were right when she spotted something brewing with Ramil and Sari from a mile away.

Doctora (Hazel Espinosa) Doctora could not resist Jerry's charms despite her being married to Tony, a hard working OFW. She was forced to shut down the clinic when her husband caught her in a passionate kiss with Jerry.

Diego (Jam Melendez) Diego is one of Mang Edong's fishermen. He resorted to dynamite fishing to augment his catch and be able to increase his meager income. He wants to be debt free from Mang Edong.

Itoy (Hubs Azarcon) Itoy is one of Edong's fishermen who's become close friends with Dodie. He encourages him to work and become a better man for his children.

Norman (Eric Fructuoso) Norman is Bing Bing's real father. His existence was kept from Aling Mame because he got her daughter Melody pregnant while still in college. He wants to be a part of Bing Bing's life because his wife, Olga, could not conceive after their first child died.

Melody (Vanna Garcia) Melody is Mame's oldest daughter. She told her mom that Bing Bing was a street kid she helped out and took home when she was actually her own child. She feared that Mame would disown her for she was still finishing her studies.

Other Characters


Calla Lily's Theme song was sung by Kyle Balili and Mica Roi Torre.


  • Lino Cayetano
  • Maryo J. Delos Reyes

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