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The Bureau of Immigration is responsible for the control and regulation of the arrival and stay of foreigners including the admission, registration, exclusion, deportation and repatriation of aliens. It also supervises the immigration into and emigration from the Philippines of aliens. It can be gleaned from these functions that the office is a vital component of government and a potent factor in the development of the nation.



By C.A. No.613 Its main mission is to control nad regulate the immigration of aliens in the country.


Commitment to uphold national integrity with the view of excellence in public service.

General Fuctions

  • The Bureau act as the primary enforcement arm of the Department of Justice and the President of the Philippines to ensure the compliance with the existing laws of all foreigners within its territorial jurisdiction.
  • The Bureau must assisst local and international law enforcement agencies in securing safety of the state against foreigners whose presence or stay may be deemed threats to national security, public safety, public morals and public health.
  • The Bureau act as chief repository of all immigration records pertaining to entry, temporary sojourn, admission, residence and departure of all foreigners in the country.

Office Location

Bureau of Immigration, Philippines is loacated at Bureau of Immigration Bldg.Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila.

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