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The Bugkalots, occupying no less than 62 widely scattered village-communities, are found in the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and Aurora. Records reveal that the Bugkalots arrived during the early part of the country's history. Presently, they inhabit the easterly central part of the Caraballo and Sierra Madre Mountain ranges.

Bugkalots main source of subsistence are planting rootcrops which is their main product and the kaingin system. Main occupation is hunting wild game in the forest and Conwap rivers.

The Bugkalots are known for their colorful attire, musical instruments, and artifacts which are shown in their blow-up pictures in museums patronized by foreign tourists in eastern and western Europe. Their popular festive dances is called baleleng. Their more hideous ritual which rallies all Bugkalots, male and female, is seen in the buayat, but this is not shown to the Christians.




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