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Bondying is a lovable komiks character created by Mars Ravelo in 1951 in Tagalog Klasiks Komiks. The original Bondying series was illustrated by Elpidio Torres.

Bondying is a full-grown man who still dresses and talks like a baby. He is always dressed in polka-dotted baby dress and always carries a big bottle of milk. He is very smart, though, and can do and think things that a normal man can find difficult.

Bondying is reared by his grandparents. His grandmother is especially fond of him, treating him like a baby even when he was already fully grown up. His grandfather was not so pleased though, although he can't complain much since he was a henpecked husband.

There had been several sequels of Bondying in komiks. In 1968, a new komiks title was born Bondying Komeex, starring of course, Bondying, in a new adventure where he became James Bond-ying.



Bondying was adapted into a movie in 1954 starring matinee idol Fred Montilla in the title role. It was a blockbuster movie and for a time, Montilla was Bondying to fans. In the 1980s, actor Jimmy Santos played the role although somewhat unsuccessfully and lacking the appeal of Montilla's Bondying. For most people, Montilla is still the best Bondying.

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