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The Philippines has it all for sports enthusiasts who want a splashing good time. Water sports offer thrills and exercise while being close to nature, a major boon in a country with picturesque islands and a great variety of sea creatures. There are also plenty of exciting activities to engage in on the Philippines many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls as well as its coastal waters. Here is Wikipilipinas’ perspective on the top 10 water sports to engage in when in the Philippines.

Diving and snorkeling
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What better way is there to explore the wealth of marine life in Philippine waters than to go scuba diving or snorkeling? Snorkeling is easier to learn, involving mainly swimming just below the surface of the water with a simple mouth-breathing apparatus and mask, allowing the snorkeler to get a good view of the underwater world. But for longer, more intensive exploration of the depths of the sea, you have to learn scuba diving, which allows for longer underwater expeditions with a portable supply of oxygen. Those who are into either scuba diving or snorkeling can take a Diver’s Paradise Tour to discover the underwater treasures of the Philippines.


Some of the first people to populate the country came on boats. With over 7,000 islands to explore, sailing is a natural sport to try, whether on the sea or on vast lakes. Sailing is a great way to enjoy the tropical sunshine, strong sea breezes, and beautiful scenery of the Philippines. For competitive types, there are also races and regattas to join. Anchor Bay Water Sports offers great Hobie Cat Sailing for the boating and sailing enthusiast.

Whitewater rafting
Whitewater Rafting.jpg

The Philippines boasts plenty of rivers and waterfalls. Many of these are great sites for the thrilling sport of whitewater rafting, which involves guiding a rubber raft over turbulent waters or rapids. One can shoot the rapids at Cagayan River, Pagsanjan River, and Chico River, to name a few.

Jet skiing
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For those who prefer calm waters, jet skiing might be a better sport. It involves riding a speedy motorized craft on the surface of the sea or a lake. It is a great way to take in the scenery and is very easy to learn. Jetscape Adventures Inc. in Cebu provides a jet ski tour package which allows the riders to travel as far as Padanon Island in Bohol.


Another enjoyable way to sightsee on the water while getting a bit of exercise is kayaking. It involves paddling a light craft on the sea or a lake. Paddling quietly is not only relaxing, it allows one to observe the natural environment with very little disturbance of the wildlife. For the more adventurous, it may also be done on rough water. Kayaks may be rented at some of the popular tourist destinations like Taal Lake, Caramoan Peninsula, Siargao, and Samar. You can explore the islands in the Albay Gulf by kayak through a tour package by Gulf Marine which includes a boat that you can keep. Thrill-seekers can engage in rough-water kayaking at the rugged eastern shores of the country. For bays, ocean and small surf kayaking Anchor Bay Water Sports offers custom designed kayaks and paddle boards.


On tranquil waters where strong winds blow, windsurfing is an excellent sport to engage in. Also known as board sailing, it involves riding on the surface of the water on a board with a sail that is propelled by the wind. Lake Caliraya, Subic Bay, Boracay, Anchor Bay Water Sports, Anilao, and Pagudpud are some of the most popular windsurfing destinations in the Philippines. The best time for windsurfing is when the amihan winds are present.

Surfing and skimboarding

A sport that involves using a board to ride on large breaking waves, surfing originated in Hawaii but has found its way to Philippine shores in recent years. Surf’s up most of the time on certain shores: Baler and Infanta in Quezon province, and Daet in Camarines Norte offer large waves for surfing enthusiasts. La Union is a good place for beginning surfers. Siargao is another favorite Philippine surfing destination. Skimboarding is a form of surfing wherein the rider glides on the short-break waves close to the shore. Tanauan, Leyte is considered the “Skimboarding Capital of the Philippines.”


The popular beach and lake resorts of the Philippines have long offered facilities for waterskiing, a sport which involves being towed on skis by a motorboat or a cable. Camarines Sur is the best place for this, at the modern Camsur Watersports Complex. For outdoor waterskiing behind a boat, Anchor Bay Water Sports offers great waterskiing around the calm waters of Romblon.

Wakeboarding and wakeskating

Similar to waterskiing, wakeboarding involves riding on a board to which both feet are bound while being towed across the water by a boat or cable. By riding on the wake, the wakeboarder may fly up and perform stunts in the air. Wakeskating is similar except the feet are not bound to the board. The Camsur Watersports Complex is the favorite place for engaging in these sports in the Philippines. Other destinations for wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the Philippines include Lago de Oro and Taal Lake in Batangas and Anchor Bay Water Sports in Romblon.


The Philippines takes pride in its excellent dragonboat rowing teams, which have brought home medals from the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. Rowing teams can often be seen practicing in Manila Bay. Those who enjoy propelling a boat through muscle power can easily find fellow oarsmen in the Philippines.

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