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Bella Bandida movie poster / one-sheet, circa 1971.

Bella Bandida is an adventure komiks novel written by Francisco Coching, illustrated by Federico Javinal and serialized in the pages of Liwayway in 1971. It tells the story of Anabella who became an outlaw known as Bella Bandida to the crime done to her. It was adapted into a feature film in 1971.



Anabella is a simple woman living an ordinary life. Their circle of friends includes Briccio, Anabella's lover, and Cris, a mutual friend who is secretly in love with her. One day, their group go for a picnic in an area lorded over by Tigro and his bandits. Anabella and Briccio take a walk and are captured by the bandits. Tigro's men keep Briccio from escaping as Tigro rapes Anabella. They are released afterward. When the two rejoin their group, Cris notices something different in Anabella and concludes that Briccio forced her to give herself to him. Anabella breaks up with Briccio and takes on the identity of Bella Bandida, an outlaw sworn to take revenge on Tigro. She comes back to the town where they had the picnic and meets Roda, the daughter of Tigro. Bella eventually becomes a dancer in a cabaret and forces her way into Tigro's group. She uses her charms and succeeds in exacting revenge on the man who raped her. In between her schemes, she plays on the passions of Briccio and Cris but in the end gets Briccio and Roda to get together and leads them to a happy ending.

Other media

Valor Productions adapted Bella Bandida into a movie in 1971. The film was directed by Leody Diaz and starred Tito Galla, Eddie Garcia, Gina Laforteza, Vicky Sandoval and Rosanna Ortiz.


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