Manila Baywalk

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The Baywalk at night

The Manila Baywalk is a 2 kilometer long strip next to Manila Bay. It stretches along Roxas Boulevard between the US Embassy and the Cultural Center of the Philippines, just past the Manila Yacht Club. It has long been known for being a good place to watch the famed Manila Bay sunset.

Rajah Sulayman Park

During his term, then Manila Mayor Lito Atienza spearheaded a project to revamp and commercialize this area next to Manila Bay, to make it brighter and more inviting to visitors. The Baywalk was lined with brightly colored lamps and restaurants, bars, and open-air cafes, with live bands performing at night. The Rajah Sulayman park was revamped and transformed as well into a promenade area.

In 2007, Mayor Alfredo Lim, acting on complaints about noise the noise and crowds, banned the live bands and the sale of alcohol. Soon after, he had all the establishments along the Baywalk removed, supposedly to avoid disorder and pollution and improve the view.