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Bachelor of Science (B.S. from the Latin Scientiæ Baccalaureus) is a college degree awarded to students who have successfully completed science-related courses. Most B.S. degrees take four years to complete, but some courses such as Engineering and Dentistry last five years.

B.S. in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Bachelor of Science degrees are regarded as more specialized versions of their Bachelor in Arts (B.A.) counterparts--their curriculum focusing more on the specific subject and less on the periphery of liberal arts. For example, a student taking up a B.S. economics degree is required to take more science and math-related subjects than a student taking up a B.A. economics degree. On the other hand, courses under the B.A. degree give more premium on the theoretical foundations and communication principles.

Popular courses

The most popular Bachelor of Science courses in the country are Nursing, Physical Therapy and Biology; computer courses such as Computer Science and Information Technology; and Engineering courses like Civil, Electronic, and Mechanical Engineering.



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