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Asianovela is a popular slang in the Philippines for dubbed South Korean, Japanese and Chinese language|Chinese/Taiwanese TV series.



The word Asianovela comes from the words "Asia" or "Asian" and "Novela" from the word "Telenovela". This term was created to define the difference of a normal telenovela to Asian-produced telenovelas. The slang was first used on local internet forums, then became widly used by Filipino people.

The very first Asianovela shown in the Philippines was Amazing Twins, a Taiwanese TV series in July 2002 on IBC-13, but it gained no popularity in the Philippines despite that it was dubbed into Tagalog language.

On May 2003, ABS-CBN shown another Taiwanese TV drama titled Meteor Garden. It gained so much popularity, with it's ratings reaching over 40% and F4 posters, CDs and shirts are everywhere. The popularity of this TV drama started the so-called "Asianovela craze" and "Meteor Garden mania" in the Philippines. ABS-CBN later showned it's sequels, Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II and become successful as well.


The term Asianovela was the common word for Asian TV dramas. However, for the sake of exact definition, Asianovela fans created 3 more slangs:

  • Chinovela-for Chinese and Taiwanese TV dramas.
  • Koreanovela-for Korean TV dramas.
  • Japanovela/JDorama-for Japanese TV dramas.

Criticisms and Popularity

Asianovelas shown in the Philippines are always top-raters in the ratings game. So many people requested for replays for the Asian series, some requested cocerts and visits for the stars of that Asianovela. Some are even cosplaying, and even following the trends, hairstyles, dress and clothes of they're favorite Asianovela characters.

Some people criticize Asianovelas as a "one sider" or it focuses only on it's story rather than putting so much plot-holes. Some said that Asianovelas are "culture threat".

However, the popularity of Asianovelas, particularly Meteor Garden, shown at 5:30 p.m. daily, has also raised a howl of protest. Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Chair Consoliza P. Laguardia earlier brought to the attention of ABS-CBN vice president for TV Cory Vidanes the complaints against the program, that certain episodes of which are said to have violated the provisions of the censorship law.

Bulacan Rep. Willie Villarama has called for the banning of "Meteor Garden," noting that it was also banned in China, where parents reportedly complained that the show had a bad effect on society and the young.

Laguardia also ordered ABS-CBN to submit each episode of "Meteor Garden" to the board for review and approval prior to telecast.

In a letter to Laguardia last June 4, Maloli Espinosa-Manalastas, ABS-CBN vice president for government and corporate affairs and PR, assured the MTRCB chair that the network would exercise self-regulation and "closely review the presentation of the program."

Despite on negative criticisms, Asianovelas continue to rule Filipino TV sets everyday and everynight.


  • First Asianovela-Amazing Twins (Taiwan)(Philippine airdate: July 2002 on IBC-13)
  • First Chinovela-Meteor Garden (Taiwan) (Philippine airdate: May 5, 2003 on ABS-CBN)
  • First Koreanovela-Bright Girl (South Korea) (Philippine airdate: August 2003 on GMA Network)
  • Highest rating achieved by an Asianovela (all in all)-Meteor Garden (Taiwan) (57.4%)
  • Highest rated Chinovela-Meteor Garden (Taiwan) (57.4% peak rating, 42.9% overall)
  • Highest rated Koreanovela-Full House (South Korea) (50.9% peak rating, 42.3% overall)
  • First Asianovela sequel-Meteor Garden II (Taiwan) (Philippine airdate: September 2003)
  • First Asianovea special-The Meteor Garden special (special farewell episode for Meteor Garden hosted by Sandara Park and Hero Angeles)
  • Most replayed Asianovela-Autumn in my heart (Endless Love in Philippine release) (South Korea) replayed 6x
  • First Asianovela with two endings showned locally-Lovers in Paris (South Korea)
  • Lowest rated Asianovela-My MVP Valentine (Taiwan) (02.8%)

Highest rated Asianovelas

by Peak rating

  • 1) Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN, 2003) 57.4%
  • 2) Full House (GMA, 2005) 50.9%
  • 3) Lovers in Paris (ABS-CBN, 2004) 50.6%
  • 4) Meteor Rain (ABS-CBN, 2003) 49.9%
  • 5) Meteor Garden II (ABS-CBN, 2003) (49.5%)
  • 6) Stairway to Heaven (GMA, 2005) (47.8%)
  • 7) My Name is Kim Sam Soon (GMA, 2006) (40.2%)
  • 8) Jewel in the Palace (GMA, 2006) (40.1%)
  • 9) Autumn in my Heart (GMA, 2003) (39.7%)
  • 10) Only You (ABS-CBN, 2006) (38.2%)

by Average

  • 1) Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN, 2003) 42.9%
  • 2) Full House (GMA, 2005) 42.3%
  • 3) Meteor Rain (ABS-CBN, 2003) 39.9%
  • 4) Meteor Garden II (ABS-CBN, 2003) 38.5%
  • 5) Stairway to Heaven (GMA, 2005) 36.1%
  • 6) Jewel in the Palace (GMA, 2006) 35.4%
  • 7) My Name is Kim Sam Soon (GMA, 2006) 34.9%
  • 8) Lovers in Paris (ABS-CBN, 2004) 34.4%
  • 9) Only You (ABS-CBN, 2006) 33.6%
  • 10) Autumn in my Heart (GMA, 2003) 33.4%

Note: The ratings that is written on this trivia was given by AGB Nielsen Philippines. Research companies that handle Philippine overnight TV ratings generally don't provide ratings directly to the public. Official results are released only to subscribers, i.e., TV networks and advertising agencies. Data released to local publications do not come straight from those who conduct the surveys.

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