Art Jam

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Art Jam
Genre educational TV show
Created by ABS-CBN
The Filipino Channel
Starring Epy Quizon
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Tagalog
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original run 2004 – present


Art Jam

Art Jam is an educational art-centered program of ABS-CBN. It teaches the viewers how to make simple, unique yet environmentally-friendly artworks.

The program is hosted by Eppie Quizon, and the comedian Tado. The program gives the children some ideas for artwork.

Art Jam is aired every Saturday on ABS-CBN Channel 2

Art Jam Segments


In this segment, projects are made using any artwork tools such as cardboard, pencil, pentel pens, colored papers, cartolina, etc.

Food Trip

In this segment, they decorate food by putting some designs on it, using items such as marshmallows, candies, and cream.

Sketch Pad

In this segment, they are give some background information about art itself, such as when art started, who made the first abstract design, etc.

Junk Art

In this segment, they make use of some recycable materials and transform them into fabulous artworks, such as making a plastic bottle into a Piggy Bank, and lot more.

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