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Ang TV
Genre Comedy
Created by ABS-CBN
Starring See cast list
Country of origin Philippines
Running time 30 mins.
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original run Template:Start date – January 3, 1997 (1997-01-03)

Ang TV (“The TV” in English) was the first kids' gag show in the Philippines. In the years before 1992, Direk Johnny Manahan enlisted multi-talented kids (& pre-teens) to create the first ever gag show for kids, by kids in the Philippines. Most of the country's brightest stars of today had their start at Ang TV. Celebrities like Jolina Magdangal, Rica Peralejo (Rica Joyce Anne Gamboa), John Prats, Camille Prats, Paolo Contis, Angelica Panganiban, Patrick Garcia, Carlo Aquino, Kenneth Guanio (Marc Conwi), Alfred Navarro (Paolo Ata), Victor Neri, Gio Alvarez, Joshua Ocampo (John Paul Trinidad), Maybeline Castro, Christopher Roxas ( Christian B. Roxas), Kaye Abad (Katherine Dizon), Angelu De Leon and Claudine Barretto to name a few.



(This is only the list of Ang TV Babies who are still in showbiz after Ang TV)


  • Marco Ballesteros
  • Alfred Banal
  • Paolo Contis
  • Rebecca Costales
  • Bodie Cruz (son of Tirso Cruz III)
  • TJ Cruz (son of Tirso Cruz III)
  • Maybelyn dela Cruz
  • Camille dela Rosa
  • Cheska Garcia
  • Mix Garcia
  • Patrick Garcia
  • Kenneth Guanio
  • Alfonso Martinez (son of Albert Martinez)
  • Alyanna Martinez (daughter of Albert Martinez)
  • Camille Mortiz (daughter of Edgar Mortiz)
  • Luigi (Igi Boy) Muhlach
  • Alfred Navarro
  • Joshua Ocampo
  • Vincent Anibigno
  • Camille Prats
  • John Prats
  • Vandolph Quizon (son of Dolphy Quizon)
  • Katya Santos


Ang TV's first Logo
  • Jan Marini Alano
  • Gio Alvarez
  • Guila Alvarez
  • Marnie Arcilla (Marie-France Arcilla)
  • Claudine Barretto
  • Patrick Bello
  • Earl Casio
  • Paolo Catiis
  • Lindsay Custodio
  • Angelu De Leon
  • Oliver Fabro
  • Ericka Fife
  • Albert Lactao
  • Joymee Lim
  • Jolina Magdangal
  • Roselle Nava
  • Lailani Navarro
  • Victor Neri
  • Christopher Roxas
  • Sarji Ruiz
  • Jason San Pedro
  • Paulie Yllana (Brother of Anjo, Jomari and Ryan Yllana)
  • Jane Zaleta


As the show runs, Ang TV add more talents to the show:

  • Kaye Abad
  • Luigi Alvarez
  • Carlo Aquino
  • Carol Banawa
  • AJ Eigenmann
  • Geoff Eigenmann
  • Farrah Florer
  • Baron Geisler
  • Jerome Hernandez
  • Tony Lambino
  • Anna Laurrucea
  • Allyson Lualhati
  • Maxene Magalona
  • Jay Manalo
  • Jao Mapa
  • Stefano Mori
  • Angelica Panganiban
  • Paula Peralejo
  • Rica Peralejo
  • Kristoffer Peralta
  • Manuel "Boy2" Quizon
  • Carlos Ramirez I
  • Carlos Ramirez II
  • CJ Ramos
  • Thou Reyes
  • Marc Solis
  • Alvin Sotomil
  • Christine Sotomil
  • Antonnette Taus
  • Tom Taus, Jr.

With Special Participation of

  • Boyong Baytion
  • Winnie Cordero
  • Joji Isla
  • Giselle Sanchez

Notable facts

  • Ang TV's famous catchphrase was "Nge". After the punchline of the joke is revealed, the joke recipient says "Nge".

Some actors from other ABS-CBN shows have picked up on this as well, such as Joey Marquez and Richard Gomez from "Richard Love Lucy", The Gwapings Jomari Yllana, Mark Anthony Fernandez, and Erik Fractuoso, and Jennifer Sevilla, Nannette Inventor, Carmina Villaroel, Nova Villa and Sammy Lagmay from "Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata".

  • Before the opening credits, the cast of Ang TV say "4:30 na, Ang TV na!", meaning "It's already 4:30, it's Ang TV" since the show airs at 4:30pm (same thing happened even when the show transfered to 2:30 timeslot with the time being replaced)
  • Ang TV's theme was "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"; it later became the basis of its own theme song.
  • Ang TV Kids have a segment called Excuse me, Esmyuskee. Before the actual joke is said, one cast member will say "Esmyuskee" to the other, who responds with "Your Smyus". The joke starts after this. "Esmyuskee" is the corrupted reverse-pronunciation of "excuse me."
  • As homage for Ang TV particularly Bodie Cruz(a former housemate of Pinoy Big Brother (season 2)), the reality show had a task of beginning the sentence with "Esmyuskee" and end the sentence with "Nge" for every conversation. Big Brother also shown some footage inside the house of Bodie's exposure as an "Ang TV" kid.
  • Ang TV the album is released in 1994 from Ivory Records and Ang TV: The Homecoming the album released in 1996 from Star Records.
  • Some Ang TV stars have been seen working in a call center.
  • Due to it's popularity, in 1996, the same its movie version named Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure via Star Cinema.

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