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Spoken in: Philippines 
Region: Aklan, northern Panay
Total speakers: 394,545
Language family:
   Meso Philippine
    Central Philippine
      Western Visayan
Language codes
ISO 639-1: none
ISO 639-2: phi
ISO 639-3: akl

Aklanon (also Akeanon) is a language spoken in the Philippines. It is a one of two Visayan languages (the other being Malaynon) native to Aklan.

Aklanon is unique among Philippine languages since it possesses the digraph ea ("l" pronounced with rolling "r" sound). According to legend, the digraph originated from the first ruler of Aklan, Datu Bangkaya, who had a short tongue and therefore could not pronounce the "l" sound.




Number Aklanon
1 Isaea
2 Daywa
3 Tatlo
4 Ap-at
5 Li-má
6 An-om
7 Pitó
8 Waeo
9 Siyám
10 Púeo

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