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An aerodrome is any place from and to which flight operations take place. The term was used in Britain as it has the same spelling in French. In the United States, the word was modified into airdrome but has become obsolete since the Second World War. In Canadian[1] and Australian[2] use it is a legal term of art for any area of land or water used for aircraft operation, regardless of facilities. An aerodrome which additionally possesses some of the facilities expected of a port is referred to as an airport.

A water aerodrome is an area of open water used regularly by seaplanes for landing and taking off. The Canadian government publishes a directory of Canadian Water Aerodromes in the Water Aerodrome Supplement (WAS). In order to be listed in the WAS, a water aerodrome typically is open to the public, is used by more than one aircraft, has an area for docking/beaching with tiedowns, and has a telephone available to the users of the aerodrome.

Aerodrome may also refer to:

  • Aerodrome (festival), a music festival that takes place near Wiener Neustadt, Austria
  • A series of aircraft constructed by Samuel Pierpont Langley
  • An ice_rink|ice-skating rink in Houston, Texas.

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