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Being with the one you love is a great feeling. Nothing compares than having him or her beside you and doing the stuff you enjoy together. But with the soaring prices of products and services due to the global economic crisis and regressive economic and trade policies, we must know how to save money without having to sacrifice a bit. As cliché as it may sound, the greatest things in life are free. And that includes love.

10. Fulfilling snack at FEU

If you're in for a satisfying lunch or snack, you can head to Far Eastern University's (FEU) burger stands. They offer a variety of sandwiches, which ranges from P10 (for egg sandwich) to P32 (burger plus ham, egg, bacon, cheese and coleslaw). A serving of fresh buko (coconut) juice for P5 can make it a complete meal.

9. Nature trip at Manila Zoo

Wander away from the busy life of school and work and be one with our Mother Earth by visiting the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden. Located along Adriatico St. in Manila, Manila Zoo has a land area of 5.5 hectares and has a current population of about 500 animals. It also houses several endemic and indigenous species of animals like the bearcat, long-tailed macaques, and crocodiles. Entrance fee ranges from P20 for children below 4 ft to P40 for children above 4 feet and for adults. Manila residents can even avail a P20 discount if they present any valid ID like barangay (village) ID, Driver’s License, TIN ID, or School ID.

8. SM Cinema's P10 Film Fiesta

Movie lovers can enjoy SM Cinema's P10 Film Fiesta. Whether it's a blockbuster movie or a homegrown film that you've missed or you would want to see again, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of your favorite movies as they return to the big screen for only P10 plus P5 amusement tax. And since you have saved money, there's still some available for buying snacks.

7. UP Diliman's famous isaw

To satisfy your cravings for Filipino street foods, you can go to Mang Larry's Isawan in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Isaw refers to either pork or chicken intestine that has been roasted over charcoal. Mang Larry's Isawan serves Isaw manok (P3), Isaw Baboy (P3), Goto (P6), Tenga (P6), Atay (P6), Botsi (P6), Balun-balunan (P6) and Pork Barbeque (P8).

6. Luneta stroll

What could be more fulfilling than reminiscing the life and works of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal while enjoying your sweet time together? “Luneta,” which means “little moon,” was where Jose Rizal was executed as well as the three Filipino priests, Jose Burgos, Mariano Gomez and Jacinto Zamora, collectively known as Gomburza. Political rallies, the Southeast Asian Games, and Amazing Race 5 has also been held here.

The park also houses several tourist spots like the Light and Sound Complex, the National Historical Institute, Artists' Haven, the National Library, Japanese and Chinese Gardens, Orchidarium and a chess plaza. After strolling the park, a nice picnic with the food that you both prepared would be great.

5. Date with the masters

Relive the memories of your first date together by visiting the National Museum of the Philippines located at P. Burgos Avenue in Manila. Be proud as you get to see the finest works of Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Napoleon Abueva, Juan Arellano and other National Artists. The museum also houses the Manunggul Jar, artifacts recovered from the sunken galleon of San Diego, and other valued artifacts. All of these are for free when you visit the museum on a Sunday.

4. Book hunt at Powerbooks

Enjoy a quiet time together and read the sweetest novels and or the funniest comics available at Powerbooks. You can also try portraying Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara by reading their sweetest lines. Powerbooks have a lounge where you can read anything you want without needing to buy a thing.

3. Healthy day at CCP

Love your body the way you love each other. Visit the Cultural Center of the Philippines on a weekend and lose some pounds as you jog or bike around the area. You can also enjoy playing badminton together although be sure that it might not end in a lover's quarrel when one of you loses in the game.

2. Love in the sky

Re-ignite the love you feel for each other by going to the bay side of SM Mall of Asia on a weekend. They exhibit free fireworks display every 7 p.m. on weekends.

1. Sunday mass

Thank God for giving him or her to you. Out of the million people on earth, you were lucky to find the one who would complete your existence. After hearing the mass, you can enjoy eating lunch together at home.




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