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Close to the end of his programme Nikos sang Parios' most popular songs, which experts claim Parios, the maestro, vested Nikos, whom he anointed as "the future" furthermore "a son" while folks were singing together in "Fever". "Lipisou me" and "Ena gramma" appeared to be impeccably fresh, although physically to sing at the finish of the show, who lasted more than have a look at hours, is not so easy.

The actual orchestra working with Nikos and his supporting vocalists consists of excellent bands. It is a traditional laika combination: two bouzoukis (Manolis Methimakis and Christos), clarinet (Spiros), violin (Christos Bousoudoukos), guitar (Georgos Retikas), muskie (Giannis Gregoriou)) two computer keyboard (Vassilis Katsaros and Nikos Kerkiras), drummer (Dimitris Antoniadis)) and specific instruments since "krousta" (Georgos Psallidas).

The fact that such per huge figure in Ancient music as Giannis Parios started helping Nikos can possibly be described as one blessing from the air. The moment at which the bigger public working to associate Nikos Economopoulos with Parios occurred while in the popular TV programme "Stin Eigia Mas!" ("To Our Health!") of 20 October 2009. Giannis was a guest in relation to the show and Nikos was honoured to ing a couple of old Parios' hits. A very successful interpretation of "Lipisu me" (Have Pity on Me) by ones young singer, attracted with regard to him more attention right from a lot of people today in Greece and just abroad, including those using 40-50 years old possibly more.

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More than a evening of 25 July, "Asteria" was packed inclusive. By 12.30am there were not even a tiny empty space remaining. Thousands of people! When you have just about any inquiries concerning in which as well as how to work with pou cheats android download, you'll be able to email us from the webpage. The show started near the 1.00am with performances your supporting singers, Christina Ralli, Elizabeth Christou, Eva Fragou and Vassilis Anemogios.

Another positive feature of Patras' culture is that normal people, who knew Nikos, were able to recognize in him a immense talent. As the perfect result, the owner belonging to the pizzeria, where the hard-working boy was employed, finds some musical professionals to build up his natural gift. This was a kick off of Niko's career.

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